Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bring Some Holiday Cheer

Old Toad started asking independent artists for songs to put on a compilation CD to support troops in 2004, they sent out 50 copies. The summer CD 2008 shipped 2580 copies. A lady in North Carolina with Soldiers Angels contacted Old Toad, this lady runs Operation Santa Claus with soldiers angels. She WISHED for 30,000 copies to send in packs to troops.

Our operating budget is our own money as we need to buy CD's. However 30,000 is way above our means financially BUT WE WILL TRY! They are asking anybody to send BLANK CDR PRINTABLE CD's, as many as they can to help. They are not asking for money, only CD's.

They are also trying to find a corporate sponsor but they are not incorporated as a non charitable organization so naturally they won't deal with them.

FREEDOM is not just a word , AND being THANKFUL, now that requires action.

They make the CD's in their basement with a Pioneer CD Duplicator and 2 printers. They accomplish these feats by themselves without asking for anything. Just like our troops, giving and not asking for anything in return. Have you ever spent a holiday away from home? No family or even a phone call? I have and its damn lonely. These CD's are a way to bring a moment of comfort from home.

Here are a few FAQ's:

CD's are NOT for sale, ever!
They are sent to the troops, free of charge.
CD's are also sent to artists who perform at Legion halls or Veteran organizations. Only stipulation to receiving these CD's is they must be given away for FREE.
We do not sell the music or make it available for download anywhere.
Artists retain all rights to their music they submit plus receive a free copy of the compilation CD.
We do not want any monetary rewards or special recognition for our effort

If you'd like to assist in the project, please send me an email at quietontheset01 at g mail dot com and I'll pass along your email to these folks. Or you can email them directly at meoldtoad at hot mail dot com

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meleah rebeccah said...

Hello! I have a BILLION blank CDS ready for use....when & where do I mail them?

And....can I make a DONATION if Id like too?

EMAIL know my address.


PS: Are you 'back to blogging' as in NOT on a break? I will move you back up to DAILY reads if thats the case!