Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burn Notice

Season 2 premieres tonight!

Great show with an awesome cast. Sharon Gless plays the mom and nails it to a tee. Jeffrey Donovan does a spectacular job portraying his seemingly innocent looking character as a bad ass in sheep clothing. Yes its purely fictional but did I mention Gabrielle Anwar? She is definitely a shoot first and asks questions later kind of gal. Her fearless nature is both enticing and dangerous, as she is capable of making things go "boom" very quickly. She is smokin' hot!

Did I mention Gabrielle Anwar is smokin' hot? And she knows how to handle a weapon.


cmk said...

I LOVE Gabrielle Anwar--and her 'anorexia' doesn't even bother me for some reason! ;)

IS it the second or THIRD season? Anyway, I CAN'T wait!!!

Callie said...

Your just horny. Come and get sum real momma lurvin. I can sling a mean gun too. knife....errr pot, pan...what ya got layin around?

~lurve ya

LaSal said...

HEY! I didn't realize you did a Burn Notice blog, too! Very good, btw! I did a post on Burn Notice, too, because they don't have it on often enough! GMTA!!! lol