Monday, January 19, 2009

Life has taken my abilities to write, let alone find the time. It's funny life takes twists and turns along a never-ending journey. One day your so freaking bored you could write novels and the next you have little time to yourself. And when I did find time to myself this weekend, I was too exhausted to pen intelligent posts(s).

What is Dazd doing:
1. Well hopefully you all tuned in to listen to my new DJ slot.
2. Managing 3 bands is very time consuming, even making the shows and not practices.
3. Did I mention I have a wife and son...least I think they still reside with me. Not seen them most of the weekend.
4. OMG...has it been cold! Add to that I have no heat in my car only makes it adventurous. Yea...2000 Ford Taurus, you mechanics know the $$$ involved there.
5. Plus doing the occasional paranormal investigation.

Now I do enjoy reading all the blogs listed and those saved in my bookmarks waiting PATIENTLY for Blogroll to fix itself. If'n you check here daily looking for material and leave disappointed of the lack thereof, I invite you to read those on my blogroll.

Some examples:

Rex is detailing his hunting experiences at The Christmas Place

Dawn is collecting frogs and kissing them. I have no idea why but I thought frogs hibernated. Please someone check on her and make sure they are indeed Frogs!!! Maybe Freddie should assist with verification.

DNR has some thought provoking "issues". Yes, I said issues...still not sure if that last post was drunk blogging or not.

Dragon Lady is now a Dragon Granny! Send her snow...she needs snow to cheer her up!

Meleah is in love....

The Brilliant Brunette hasn't posted in awhile. Go fill her comments section please. That'll teach her to abandon us bloggers!

And while your at it, go visit the Brilliant Brunette's mom and fill her comments too. She loves the comments!

She's always complaining about the lows being 40. 40 would be awesome about now!

Ok...head on over to everyone in my blogroll. If you like them, leave a comment and let them know I sent you. Until my next attempt at posting feel free to view the archives!


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

I am NOT collecting them... just lookin for the one I lost ;)

Editor said...

thanks for the link, am hoping you will take a break and visit this cold climate (Mississippi) during the summer.

Jessica said...

Stay warm! :)

meleah rebeccah said...

wow you are one busy man!