Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yes...Summer Has Come and Gone

Not much has changed since my last post. I am still unemployed and its getting tougher as the days continue to maintain a level of hope. I was close to having a job, albeit part-time, with a corporation. But miscommunication on their part has left me unemployed. Seems we can't resolve this dilemma to their liking. Notice its all "their" and I'm the one paying the consequences. And anymore, all applications are handled/created on-line. This is very frustrating since you have no clue of your status. And when someone does call...guess what? They don't leave a message. If you're like me, I don't answer a number I'm not familiar with.

What happened to the good ole days when you visited a potential employers office, handed your paperwork to a receptionist and if you got by the receptionist you were virtually guaranteed at least an interview? I guess this old dog still hasn't mastered the new tricks for todays technology based hiring process. Very frustrating...

In other news, my son broke his wrist last week playing football in gym class. He still played on though and didn't complain until after gym class. Guessing he wanted to save face in front of his classmates. Which it worked since some now have a new respect for him.

Still coaching soccer when I can in-between looking for employment. Our team this year is young and our chances of winning are pretty slim. But we are having a good time and I'm just an assistant this year, so the pressure is off me. Basketball gears up soon and I hope to be able to assist again. I do enjoy teaching these Junior High kids about the game and life. Its amazing what impact I can have in their lives. Sometimes just having a conversation with them is all it takes to fulfill their desires of acceptance. I had two parents comment last week that their child was excited by what I said to them. I don't recall what was said but if it made a difference, then its all worth it.

We took in our two nephews aged 2 and 5 over the summer. Mom is struggling with life and these boys need a chance. Yea its tough being without income to make ends meet with two extras in the house. But I'm sure God has a plan, I hope he hurries up before my sanity cracks. lol

And my 4th year was this past June 30th. I don't consider it a celebration since my postings have diminished greatly this past year.

Until next safe and always be true to yourself!

BTW...I have a FB account. Email me if your interested in friendship there.

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Freddie said...

Still praying for you. May God bless you for what you're doing for kids, related and not.