Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 25

August 23 2012
The days following the attack were somber. Talk was very limited as we mourned the dead soldiers and civilians. 4 soldiers and 7 civilians were dead as a result of the attack. The community banded together and threw the largest wake I've witnessed to date. The hardest part of the deaths...1 child boy of 5.

The attack produced various degrees of camaraderie amongst the soldiers and civilians. Larry and crew are now armed as we are and are being included in most of the daily operations. This is considered a milestone for our involvement and my Captain is very pleased. This involvement will serve as training and will help solidify our cause.

As for the dead and captured rebels...the dead and alive were impaled and stuck along the main highway. This will serve as a reminder to all those attempting an attack of the fate that awaits them. It is implanted into everyone's thoughts now that THEY are targets and not just the military. Each person of that community have the look in their eyes. Its unmistakable...

Our trip home was guarded, uneventful and quiet. We actually convoyed as a military unit and took the main roads. A few people did come out and wave albeit very cautiously. This alerted the Captain to an unwanted presence in the area. He has coordinated patrols between both communities in the form of scouting parties.

Our arrival at home was received with fanfare and a heroes welcome. I refuse to be recognized as a hero. I did what had to be accomplished but I am neither proud or ashamed of what happened. We had a huge picnic with fresh vegetables and a hog and lamb for meat. We spent the day hugging our loved ones and embracing the community as a big family. I think it finally dawned on us the severity of our situation and our plight. The family and I all slept in the living room tonight. We joked of how much easier it was to camp inside than outside. I fired up the wood stove and we cooked S'mores. I fell asleep with my family huddled around me and it sure felt peaceful for once since this all began.

Tomorrow is a new day and we will move forward!

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