Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 28

September 20 2012

Christmas in September! The military came through with our needs and then some. Not only did they supply enough goods to last the winter but brought a few surprises for us as well. Chocolate candy bars...you don't know you've missed them until you taste the succulent sweets for the first time in over a year. Some of the children ate so much they became OD. lol Was a sight for sore eyes to see kids zipping to anf fro on a sugar high. Soda...pop...whatever you call it tastes so good. We've not had any refreshments like this in over 6 months. Tobacco...oh the smells of pipe tobacco and cigars. Cigarette tobacco was included in the shipment and those who craved a cigarette were anxious to get some rolled. We have set aside some of the goods as barter goods. We were all joyous with our gifts.

The mood has lightened around the community. Children are being schooled by the community and a teacher among the soldiers. School days are Monday through Thursday 9am - 5pm. We have also included a trades schooling for adults willing to learn a trade or craft. While this will be conducted during the winter months, some are excited to get an education. We've begun construction on a schoolhouse with the supplies from the town.

We are becoming concerned over the wild dog population. It's apparent people are dying off as the dog population has increased 5 fold since Spring. Most of the community dogs are work dogs such as Border Collies, Shepherds, etc...and have been fitted with a collar of orange distinction. All other canines will be dispatched on sight. We are increasingly concerned of rabies spreading throughout the wildlife. Something like this could hurt our supplement of food and could take a toll on out own canines.

Corn and bean harvest is coming soon so journal entries might be light. Also my shoulder is aching as the weather starts to become cooler. I fear its going to be a rough winter nursing this shoulder. Doc says its healed nicely as I've retained over 80% of my movement and strength.

Our community meeting went very well and we covered most topics without any disagreements. Everyone is building an outhouse in case the water freezes. Septic tanks/systems will be pumped within a month. The military scavenged a septic truck and we've been cleaning about 2 tanks a day. We have taken the waste to a local rock quarry and dumped on site. And as we quickly found out, September isn't the best time to empty septic tanks. lol So we've decided for now to stop emptying tanks until colder weather. Doc reported that community health was very good and he's happy with the current status. He and I talked after the meeting and he's preparing for a wave of newborns this time next year. Firewood is stocked and with sufficient supplies to all families. We are now planning on clearing another 50 acre wood area before winter. This wood will be kept as inventory supply and passed out as needed. Food supplies are progressing nicely and we are all confident on a much needed harvest. We will use most of this as barter and for the military. They have far more resources and can trade for better goods.

And the leather making is becoming a nightmare. But we all knew that would happen, right?

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