Thursday, July 06, 2006

I want that Salary

I stumbled across this article and I'm left utterly perplexed.

My Dream Salary

How can any school system justify spending this kind of money? A special computer, desk and what-nots? I know some valuable school teachers and they definitely don't make anything near that amount. I would like to think that you could pay 5 teachers a yearly salary that would amount to this kind of spending. Lets spend some of that money to reinstate the music and arts programs. Or maybe spend it for those kids that can't necessarily afford book fees. Or maybe help upgrade existing libraries/reading programs. Oh I know...donate it to my favorite charity....ME!

Anyone else have links or similar stories about this?


Cris said...

Hahaha, i would rather donate that money to you and then ask you to do a good deed by giving me some as well. You seem to need it, i know i need it so lets rob a bank or smth!

Cris said...

And why the heck are you reading shit like that when you can always worry abt whether you turned off the coffee pot? Its more challenging