Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Cold Remedies

I woke yesterday morning only to hear hacking, coughing, wheezing and sneezing. Good grief, who is up this early I thought. Then I realized I was the only one home this week and the dog was snoring in her crate. Great...I have a summer cold. Right before the weekend too...and I'm busy all weekend. Man, it was gonna be one of those days again. I usually have coffee in the morning but opted for hot tea. I even mixed a little bit of honey and added just a dash of lemon. The honey soothed the sore throat and the tea helped loosen things up. I shoulda bought stock in Kleenex. lol

So for lunch...what to have, what to have. Pizza didn't sound appealing nor did a hamburger. Wasn't allot choices left unless I wanted to pay mega bucks for the local buffet only to have soup/salad. I headed to McDonalds as I remembered they have these new salads. I ordered the Asian Salad and it seemed to hit the spot. Nothing like fresh veggies when your sick. Or even a fruit salad. All those natural vitamins is what the body is craving. After that salad, I was still a bit hungry but not hungry enough to eat something filling, like french fries. lol

I was cruising back to the office and I suddenly hit the brakes, made it into the turn lane (just barely) and I knew this was gonna hit the spot. It was gonna fill the little bit of void left and make me feel allot better. No doctor will ever prescribe this, AMA will likely frown upon it and McDonalds, well I apologize. I shoulda become a backwoods doctor...handing out my secret prescription for a summer cold. Bringing a smile to my patients faces.

That's right...I made a quick stop for a Frosty. Man it sure hit the spot!

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