Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lazy or what?

Writing something today is escaping me at the moment. I've cruised through the news sites and nothing seems appealing today. Maybe having the day off has consumed my entire being or maybe its just plain feeling lazy. Rain has a way of doing that...especially when its hot. The yard work won't get started/finished today because of the rain. A nap sounds really good right now...although there's nothing on TV that is just interesting enough to watch yet boring enough to induce an afternoon nap. If a show is too boring, I find myself just surfing the channels. If its too interesting then I watch the entire show and forget about napping.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully something inspires me to post a blog today.


I didn't get a nap today. I got interested in the show called 48 Hours on the A&E channel. And of course its a marathon today. However, I did do the dishes and a load of laundry. So I guess its not a total waste of a day. But being lazy sure was nice while it has lasted. Sometimes a person just needs this kind of day. Time to relax, recoup and reflect on the past weeks events. With the family being gone all week on vacation, it'll be quiet here in the evenings. One quiet night is nice but having 5 nights of them will make this house seem empty. So I just run around every now and then and yell at the cat. Makes for some excitement to break the boredom. lol The cat enjoys this because he thinks we're playing chase. It's the small things in life that amuse me.

And in case you're wondering, they went without me because I couldn't get the time off work. Of course I tell everyone else it's because they need a break from me. heh

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hoosierboy said...

You mirrored my day -- I spent the afternoon dozing on the couch to the strains of the cubs losing another one.