Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Morning

Good morning!

As promised Monday, here are a few pictures of the view at the lake get-away.  I had planned on taking pictures of the place itself but my CRS was in full gear.  Why the picture of fungus?  Lil Dazd thought it was cool and asked I take a picture.

As you can see, there's allot of trees and although we have neighbors they aren't real close.  This place makes for a relaxing get-away and there's plenty of activities to keep me outta trouble, errrr occupied.

The last of the stents will be interred within my circumflex artery tomorrow morning.  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  I'm not looking forward to another hospital stay but I am eager to see the procedure from a different perspective.  Hopefully I'll be awake.  I think I was awake last time...I don't recall any anesthesia.  I'm sure some form on local anesthesia was given and possibly a sedative.  With all those IV's its difficult to know.  And I'm sure I drifted off to la la land.  

I will return to post a report soon.  Until then, watch the comments cos I'm sure to get hospital boredom and login.  The hospital system is a nice benefit but its sure could use more flexibility.  I'll be there overnight and barring any complications, I'll be home Friday.

My buddy DNR will post a progress report tomorrow.  He'll be logging in as be nice to him, k?  And if you encourage him he may even post his trial post.

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