Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

I suppose I should update my daily readers. I had an echogram a week ago Tuesday and saw the cardiologist yesterday. He claims that there is minimal damage from my heart attack. He said between the 3 echograms I've had he cannot find any signs of damage. He believes I can make a full recovery, or damn near it anyways.

But here's the kicker...I've been having palpatations (sp) and some chest discomfort. And my lower jaw and teeth have been aching...not as bad as the night of the heart attack but still aching. We discussed things for awhile and I finally said, "I want to know everything cos I'm 41 and not ready to give up just yet." After he pondered this statement for what seemed like an eternity, he's decided on further testing.

This Friday I'll have a myoview stress test performed. Here's a link with info. Read this link cos it's pretty self-explanatory. Radiation pumping thru my cardio system...glow-in-the-dark. I'm a little apprehensive having this done. Why you ask? You all heard of the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman haven't you? heh

Then Monday I'll have a heart monitor that I'll wear for 48 hours. I'm not too concerned about this except one I get to shower with this thingy on or what? If not, not only will I smell awful but I'll be grumpy on top of that!

Also Friday I'm trying to schedule a family doctors appointment. It's my follow up for cholesterol levels and this damn cold is trying to be a sinus infection. Yes I still have the sniffles and stuffiness. Plus I've not seen the family doctor sense this all began with my heart. Mom tells me he's asked her twice now during her appointments.

No word yet on the History Project grade. Hopefully we'll hear something today or tomorrow. If we are allowed another History Project this year...The Roman Colosseum maybe?

All you blogspotters out there...have any of you clicked on the "Your new layout is here" link thingy yet? Does haloscan and bloggroll transfer over? I'm scared to click "ok" for fear of losing things. And just how does one "back-up" their blog anyways? Yea, I have a wordpress site I've created a back-up on. But haloscan didn't transfer either nor did all my pics in my posts. And I never figured out how to add bloggroll either. Email the dazed and confuzed one with any help you can provide. Please???

Ok...gotta scoot...the elevator to the salt mines is leaving!

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