Friday, December 08, 2006

Lurkers Anonymous

Harvey has a great post On Lurking and their respective definitions. While we all agree there are obviously lurkers within the blogging community, Harvey had the courage to speak up and bring into the spotlight this unique syndrome.

The New Age media resource has created this syndrome. Other medias prior to this have all had their resources of viewer/reader methods of popularity. Television has its Nielsen Ratings and the advertisers willingness to dish out huge amounts of cash. Printed media such as newspapers and magazines have their subscriptions to base their reader base. And also, once again, the advertisers willingness to dish out the cash. I'm not exactly sure how radio achieves its rating of listener base but maybe Disgruntled Truck Driver can provide that information.

I rate my own site by two methods. Method number 1 reflects on how I think my wrting and posting are progressing or regressing. Did the post make me laugh, cry or move me(or other faculties best not noted here)in any way, shape or form? Yes, selfishly its all about ME ME ME. I write my blog for me and spend little effort worrying about what others think. We're all entitled an opinion and who am I to say your opinion sucks? As far as I am concerned, if ya don't like my blog don't return. Easy enough... Method number 2 is even many hits per day I achieve from readers.

Now what I find interesting is this article on Blogging and Economics and the comments left by readers. And while I'm typing this and your reading this on a Friday afternoon...shame, shame, shame.

And yes I'm a Lurker...and proud of it! In fact, I'm also President of Lurkers Anonymous. Altho I'm not sure how many members belong since we really don't let each other be known to one another. But let me tell you, if I started applying membership fees of $1 a year, I'd be a billionaire.

So if you're a fellow Lurker Anonymous member, please comment and that way I'll know you're still around. do you rate your blog site?

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