Monday, January 22, 2007

Indianapolis Colts Tribute Videos

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts AFC Champions 2007

Yes I bleed blue!

Double click on the video of your choice to view full size at YouTube.


Dazd said...

Anyone know how to resize the YouTube Video sizes? Sorry bout the right side drifting to the bottom.

Dazd said...

Ok Figured it out. Double click the video to go directly to YouTube for the full size version.

Jay said...

Hey, I just read that Manning is going to have X-Rays of that hand? It could be broke in 37 different places and he'd still play in this one!!

Ambulance Driver said...


Even though my Saints fell short, at least I get to see Peyton finally win his Super Bowl. I grew up watching his dad, and continued watching Paeyton and Eli from college through the pros.

Nice blog you have here, Dazd!