Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

The Chicago Bears win the NFC Championship!

The Indianapolis Colts win the AFC Championship!

The stage is set for a Midwest battle!


Jay said...

Colts V Bears! So cool! I can't wait!

Cool new layout.

dragonlady474 said... brother-in-law probably screamed with joy until he was hoarse when the colts won.
Colts vs. Bears huh...I normally hate sports but I just might have to watch that game.

cmk said...

Don't know if this is good, bad, or otherwise, but all I know is: the Packers aren't in it!!!!!!! YES! (Do you get the idea that I don't like the Packers? :))

Teresa said...

The Battle of I65. We are the early favorites. GO COLTS!

Dazd said...

Jay Thanks for the compliment
Dragon Oh I can relate...errr what I mean is I imagine that "could" happen. *cough*
cmk Packers are still around? lol
Teresa GO COLTS!!! I think we need to barricaed I-65 from lets say, Merrilville so Bears fans are delayed.