Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Girl

A poem I wrote for my wife back in 1996.

My Girl

Someday soon as the new day dawns,
The leaves will be as green as a spring day,
The seeds of this mans dreams stay close to the tree.

Some always talk about the birds and the bees
Others talk about being footloose and fancy free.

Only few know of the wonders and joys,
Pretty girls and the rough cut boys.

I myself only think about one who compares to none,
She has the heart I have won.

She is as radiant as a bright summers day.
Also possesses the spark to light my soul,
Two as one make us whole.

Someday soon as the new day dawns
The leaves will be as colorful as fall
The seeds of this man dreams will be a tree big and tall.

Copyright © 1996 Dazdnconfzd

And for my dear readers, please accept my Valentines Day card to you.

Valentine - Martina McBride

Happy Valentines Day!


dragonlady474 said...

Hey, I posted a poem for my husband too! Great minds think alike!

Pretty poem btw

Freddie said...

Hope you and the Mrs. (and Little Dazd) have a great day.

No can post today - snow day - hands tied as far as posting (and using the word: i n, of course).


Dazd said...

Dragon - Yes GMTA! Happy Valentines Day

Freddie - You really need to get that figured out. Happy Valentines Day. If you have things to post, email me if you want me to post for you.

Lisa W. said...

Have a great Valentine's Day!