Friday, February 16, 2007

A Person to Remember

'Tis a sad day here at Dazd Central. We have lost a valued virtual member of our family. He will forever be remembered for the contributions to man. He will always have a memorial shrine close to our hearts and minds. Recreating the modern version of hide and seek, sleeping at the most inappropriate moments and causing great difficulty for the challenged were just a few of his most memorable accomplishments.

Please visit this newssite that picked up the story of the most beloved man of our generation: Robert Alder

Now dagnabbit...where'd he go now?


curmudgeon said...

He won an Emmy for the invention? Damn!
And Algore will probably win an Oscar, and he invented the internet.
I guess you have to be an inventor to make it in show biz these days?

Lemon Stand said...

Hey.... She who controls the remote...rules the world. I guess he deserved at LEAST an Emmy.