Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Additions

It snowed here again last night. Looks to be about 3 inches of fresh snow. So I'm going to visit my blogroll buddies and catch up with all the latest events. And as usual, I've added a few for your reading pleasure.

Please visit the following Inductee's into Dazd's blogroll:

Faster than the World
Mrs. Who
Pickled Beef
Redneck Scottsdale Princess
The Pink Cosmopolitan
This Woman's Journey
World Outside my Window

New Links under Blogging/Computer Helpful Hints/Geeky Stuff:

Blogging Fusion
Blogger Talk
Blogging Basics 101

New RSS Provider Feedburner


Mrs. Who said...

Wow - I'm honored to be added! Thank you.

And I'd be honored to return the favor!

Dazd said...

Your welcome Mrs. Who