Sunday, February 18, 2007

Site Reviews

As I posted yesterday, I've added a few sites under Blogging/Computer Helpful Hints/Geeky Stuff. I always practice sharing valuable information that’s not of a personal nature or threatens National Security. And these sites definitely fall into the safe category.

Blogger Talk is a unique community consisting of bloggers from all levels of experience. I spent a better part of this morning reviewing the forum. The forum is very user friendly and contains a plethora of information. I found most interesting the posts describing blog/web etiquette. I never really considered a few of the topics covered and to be honest, I found all of them to be of honest preferences. It was refreshing to read the comments without the personal attacks and trolls. You’ll definitely be seeing a few changes here at Dazd Central.

Blogger Talk also has an extensive collection of useful design websites. I viewed a few of them and will schedule a “Geek Day” soon. Most of them look to be user friendly and described the “how to” sections in terms most of us “Geek wannabe’s” can understand. It will be interesting to see if I can screw up my blog again. In case I do, I know the community at Blogger Talk will step in and assist me. I recommend that you visit their site and sign up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The other site I’ve added is Blogging Fusion. This site looks to be brand new. Once again, it is very user friendly and sign up is simple. Blogging Fusion is a blogging directory broken down by categories. This makes looking for new reads simple and cuts down on the time consuming surfing. I’ve already found a few sites that have been bookmarked for possible future inductees to Dazd’s Blogroll. Here again, I recommend that you visit and sign up. It can’t hurt anything to create more exposure.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks for these links. I've wanted to know more about these things, but never know where to go. I've stopped by a few times lately, but not had an intelligent comment to add.
Happy Hoosiering!

Dazd said...

If intelligence were required here, I'd not be blogging. lol

Glad you stopped by and I hope those links help.


Rose said...

Thanks for the plug. ;-)

Jay said...

Those are good links. I've been looking for sites that can give good ideas on how to spiffy up my blog.

Lemon Stand said...

I definately need to spiff up my blog. Thanks for posting the link to this. I have already bookmarked it for future questions.

Dazd said...

Rose - Your Welcome.

Jay - It's the writing that makes the blog. Altough a little spiffy flare doesn't hurt either.

LS - Glad they are useful. And like I commented to's the writing.

Sire said...

I concur with you on Blogger Talk. I've only just joined and intend to make full use if it resourses.

BYW, where in hell did you get the Fiends Of Dazd gizmo? That is unreal. Will it work in wordpress. Please say

Dazd said...

Maybe a few of my Wordpress friends can comment on that.

Thanks for stopping by!