Friday, March 30, 2007

Have a Dilemma?

Here's what's not been brewing at Dazd Central. Lack of dilemma submissions have lead me to a decision. I decided that this will be the last posting of this Weekly Dilemma. A good idea that didn't take work. We had one that we were able to assist successfully, so it's not a total failure. ***Our first Dilemma was a success***

If you have a dilemma your worried about but feeling timid about posting to your own site, you can do it here at Dazed and Confused. Afraid that people will snicker and ridicule you? Afraid that family will discover your dilemma and domestic issues will commence? Read more by clicking the Rambling On... button.

Worry no more...Dazd has conceived a plan to overcome your fears. We all know that among the 10 comments there's a chance 1 of those is the golden nugget.

What's required from you? Nothing more than an email to me. Whats required of me? Simply picking one and posting it. Simple? Well, yes but wait! There's more...anonymity for you! That's right...anonymity!

What kind of dilemmas am I allowed to submit Dazd? Good question there Jane Doe. You can submit almost any content. However, I reserve the final decision. I'd ask that the submissions be of a "personal" nature and not something "world wide". There are plenty of sites dedicated to politics, war, racism, etc...

So Mr. Doe is cheating on you and you're not sure how to approach that he's been caught? Caught 6 year old Johnny streaking through the neighbors back yard while chanting "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty"? That person at the sub shop always scratches their nose before making your sandwich...who do you complain to?

Send me an email and let's see what the blogosphere has to say. C' can do it!

Dilemma Submitting Guidelines:
1. Submit via my email address. If your dilemma is chosen, I will reply to that email account.
2. All email addresses and origin of submitted dilemma will remain anonymous.
3. All "posted" dilemmas will have the names John Doe and Jane Doe according to submitters gender.
4. Dazd Central Admin reserves the right to edit original submission for content and language. Editing will be emailed to submitter in advance of posting.
5. Dazd Central Admin will select each dilemma according to no structured protocol.
6. Dazd Central Admin reserves the right to update these rules as they occur. Rules may change without advance warning.

***Our first Dilemma was a success***

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