Friday, March 16, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Wishes

May the lilt of lush laughter lighten ever road,
May the midst of Irish magic shorten every road.
May you taste the sweetest pleasures
that fortune ever bestowed,
And may all your friends remember
all the favors you are owed.

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!

Go mbeannai Dia duit!


Teresa said...

I love this. I hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day. My son turned 8 so I had screaming children at my hosue. Michael won't truly appreciate being born on St. Pat's until he is older and then god help us all.

Anonymous said...

Top O'the day to ya!

Well, At least I can comment at your site. Of course I have to wait to be on my pc, cause I can't comment from my cell since you upgraded to the new blogger, but hey, better this than no comments at all huh!

BTW, thanks for the eye candy. I was stuck in a boring mtg when I came across your cutie cowboy! Everyone was wondering why I was grinning!

As for the vista... That pop up box is the bane of everyone's existence. I haven't upgraded and don't intend to until a year from now, when all the kinks have been ironed out.

There's plenty of Vista user groups & BB's out there, just do a google search and you'll find them. CNET should also have articles. Good Luck!