Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's All About Me

I was cruising through my archives today and wanna know what I found? Go ahead...guess. C''s only a guess.

Well I didn't think of those but you're close enough.

I've not written anything lately. Nothing Nada Zilch Yes, I've posted but I've not written anything on a consistent basis. Ok, there was one, there was this post. It only took 20 minutes and that was from interruptions. But the creative juices have dried up. So I turn to what's easy for me and thats humor. I don't feel talkative most days and that's a personality downfall.

So todays post is all about me. Random thoughts abound within my head and I'll attempt to amuse you, or provoke you. Just don't lash out in anger, k?

Why is it people can write emails and responses that are disrespectful? I mean c'mon, if you feel that way say it to my face. Don't place it out there in a public arena. You got a problem with me, tell me to my face cowards. (This is something totally outside the realm of this blog) Obviously you know me in real life. So stop being a coward. But don't expect me to take it sitting down either. Dish it out and prepare to have it served in return.

Hmmm..what else is new. Oh yes, my cholesterol?'s back up. Yea, that was my remark too. So I see the doctor Monday to see why it's gone back up. I've also noticed my blood pressure is "higher than average". And when I say average, I'm talking around 115/65. Lately its been 130/65.

So who here, of my 5 or 6 readers, believes in the paranormal? Anyone? **crickets chirping** Hello...this thing on? Ok, if you're embarrassed to speak up, then leave a comment in the suggestion box on your way out. I have some links I can add here.

Have any of you checked out MyBlogLog? well I know a few of you have cause we've found each other. I was tentative at first signing up there. Looked like something that wouldn't be productive. But I've found a lot of great sites there. And I think I've picked up 1 or 2 readers along the way. Go check it out.

Ok...I've run the well dry for today. Make sure to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.


BobG said...

If your blood pressure is at 130/65, that is no problem; it is when the lower number starts going over 80 you need to be concerned.

The paranormal makes for some good fiction stories, but I've never seen a concrete reason to believe in it. I have an open mind, I just haven't seen any smoking gun as of yet.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it people can write emails and responses that are disrespectful?

Uh, I dunno, give us an example! Don't sweat the cowards. Those people will probably die hiding in a corner.

Re: cholesterol & BP... what helped me was having regular visits with a nutritionist.

Paranormal = my life


cmk said...

Re: cholesterol. Hubby needs his to be WAAAAY down because of the kidney problem--they want it under 100. So, that is why he is on two cholesterol lowering meds. He is now taking Omega 3 capsules because he read how the Omega 3 really helps to lower the cholesterol while taking the meds. Don't know if it will work, or if any lower numbers are because of the meds or Omega 3, but he's giving it a try!

Paranormal beliefs? Of course I believe--I see dead people, after all!