Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday's Thoughts

Any of my esteemed readers watch The Shield on Fox FX? Anyone....hello..yes you in the to comment?

Ok...I'm lost as usual. Claudette leading Vic along into thinking he's got a chance to stick around at The Barn? Somewhat surprisingly it works like a charm. And the new replacement guy? INS Border Patrol?

Claudette keeps Hyatt's head in the right place with regards to Vic's reputation on the streets and in The Barn. Wha?

And all this hoopla last season with Cavanaugh...and he just ups and spills the beans in ONE episode?

Aceveda's is still around and exactly why?

Shane, he is just all over the place as a character.

Lem's package delivered to the Strike Team was heartbreaking. To see the light reading Lem meant for his time in the joint portrays a part of Lem's personality that we've never seen.

I'm not sure what to think of Julien becoming a member of the Strike Team. What happened to that cute policewoman Dutch was skirt chasing last week?

The waiting room of the hospital was an Emmy performance by Mackey. I'm not sure I've seen pain on Vic's face like that. He calls out to Corinne about her dream about Lem, muffled by the glass, was emotional stuff.

Ok...wake up now. I'm done ranting over confusing shows. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you watch the show.


Go watch this video.


cmk said...

I absolutely LOVE The Shield, but can't comment, yet. When I started to read your post, I had to stop because I haven't watched last night's episode--still trying to catch up with everything from this weekend. After I watch it, maybe we can figure things out. (I got the impression you got lost somewhere during the show--happens to me often!) :)

Tish said...

I'm a huge fan as well. Lately I've been missing Tuesday's episodes and have been having to catch up on Sunday nights. Looks like I have a great episode to look forward to!

Dazd said...

Good thing I didn't post about Jack Bauer coming running across the set screaming there's a nuke bomb that was going to explode.

That wooulda ruined the surprise. :)

cmk said...

Now, you WOULDN'T mention any spoilers about '24' on purpose, would ya? Didn't think so. :)

cmk said...

Well, I watched the episode last night and have to agree with one thing you said: what is with these characters that just up and leave in one episode? (The young female cop, Cavanaugh) And yet, they still parade Aceveda around every few episodes. (I must say, though, I am happy that Cavanaugh is gone--Forest Whitaker played the roll so well that I have a hard time watching him in any other. The character was such a sleaze.) Lem HAD to die--he was the first (only?) one of the strike team to get a real conscience so he had to go. I think Shane is going to completely lose it--and the previews (which I NEVER watch, but somehow managed to do last night) seem to indicate that he will. If he confesses to Vic, is Vic going to kill him? It will be an interesting dilemna. Don't know where they are going with the Julien story--and the whole Claudette/Hiatt thing is another try at bringing Vic and the strike team down. A lot happened in the last episode--enough to make for a very interesting rest of the season! And, yes, if Chiklis doesn't win an Emmy for the waiting room scene, he will never win another one. (Loved the video.)

Dazd said...

And Jack Bauer didn't go screaming thru the set of The Shield? lol

Maybe its me...I think so far this season they are spinning their wheels. (writers) Interestingly enough, they brought back into play the mexican family of 12 that was murdered.

But I don't see where this is going. Everything is popping along so fast I can't grasp a feeling for characters or plots.

I guess I'll have to turn up the patience O'meter and see what happens. heh