Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Musing

I trust everyone had a great Easter weekend. I mean c'mon, it was a 3-day weekend. Nothing wrong with that right?

I finally purchased the new pushmower I'd been threatening to buy the last 3 years. Nothing fancy just a self-propelled one that hoepfully will decrease the strain of mowing my ponderosa...all 1/8 acre of it. And it should assist Dazd Jr. with mowing as we have a couple of areas that are sloped. We didn't get it all fired up this weekend...too cold! Plus I still want to coat the bottom of the mower deck with a primer to delay rusting.

I got an Easter basket! woot! 41 years old (cough) and I still enjoy a basket of candy. No I didn't pig out like years past due to health reasons. But it was still nice to have a choccy bunny for breakfast. Dazd Jr. decorated the eggs this year. He did a great job too. I missed that festivity as I was napping. C'mon...buying a lawnmower is tough work.

And I finally showed Dazd Jr. what happens when Peeps go bad. That's right...peeps can be evil you know. So what happens to a Peep thats gone bad? put him in the microwave and watch him expand 4 times his natural size. Pretty cool although I got in trouble. Not because he was shown one of my pranks but because I used a regular plate instead of paper plate. Good thing the dishes were already done! heh

Did the Easter Bunny treat you right this year?


Mrs. Who said...

What??? You didn't have a "Mortal Peep Fight" in the color vs another?

And you call yourself a dad!!

hoosierboy said...

you said 'napping' which is the same as nap which is the root of nappy. man am I offended.

Dazd said...

Good thing I didn't have to hoe the garden this weekend huh?