Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rocks in my Head

What is the fascination with rocks? Rocks seem to be the typical boys dream of fortune. Rock collecting during it's infancy consists of acquiring every rock of shape, size and color. I was no different...

During my childhood years into my teen years, I was fascinated with rocks. I could spend hours looking through pea-size gravel for that magical looking rock. I could spend the same amount of hours in the driveway finding the perfect relic. 5 gallon buckets filled with my fortune littered the garage. I couldn't let those rocks suffer the elements you know. If I was particularly bored on any given afternoon, I'd pour a bucket into the driveway and search. Yes...it was the same rocks but that wasn't the point.

I even fancied fossil's for a short time. I had accompanied my Dad to a science type exhibition at a local school. And that's where I learned of fossils. I bought a couple of those fossils and I believe they are still located within my parent's house. I spent many hours dreaming of finding fossils and daydreaming of how dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I was fascinated with Dr. Leaky and his exploits with finding fossilized remains of early humans.

Sunday night I was watching the Travel Channel and a show grabbed my attention. The show is called "The Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures" and if you're into rocks and gem hunting, this show is for you. While watching the show, a flood of childhood memories rumbled through my thoughts. Especially when they were looking for geodes. I can still see myself sitting there with a hammer trying to crack open a round rock in search of diamonds. Geode it's not but the enthusiasm is all the same.

My fascination ceased when Earth Science class studied Geology. A rock is a rock I used to tell myself. And a hill is a hill as well as a valley is a valley. It became too complicated for my pea-sized brain. I gave it a valiant effort because I seriously was deciding if Geology or Anthropology was in my future. My simpleton ways clouded my judgement and I chose another journey. I only wanted to find the cool stuff, I didn't much care for the details. Give me a pick, hand trowel and brush!

My son also has a fascination with rocks, even from an early age. I foresee in my future rock hunting expeditions along with his new metal detector he got for Christmas. Even if I can further his enjoyment with my simpleton ways or further his knowledge thru experience, it'll be worthwhile spending those bonding moments.

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Editor said...

I watched that show too and was fascinated. The hostess was great, the ability to find treasure just almost lying around,amazing. Hey! rocks that glow undr UV. Cool!
I am getting my metal detector ready to go!