Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Slow News Day

NEW YORK -- Christopher Woods charges he got too much of a boost -- from an energy drink called Boost Plus. He has sued the maker of the health drink, claiming the vitamin-enriched beverage gave him an erection that would not go away and caused him to be hospitalized.

Oh read that correctly! I'm thinking 30 years from now he's going to wish he had that much stamina.

The lawsuit said Woods, 29, drank the nutrition beverage, which is made by the Novartis pharmaceutical company, on June 5, 2004. Woods' court papers said he woke up the next morning "with an erection that would not subside" and sought treatment of the condition. According to court documents, Woods had surgery to relieve the condition known as severe priapism. He was implanted with a Winter shunt, which moves blood from one area to another.

His name is Woods...heh. Good thing he wasn't named Richard Woods huh? Surgery?!?!? I'm thinking a good massage or a talented woman...nevermind, I won't go there.

The lawsuit, filed late Monday, said Woods had problems that required a hospital visit and medical procedures to close blood vessels on his penis. Woods' lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. A spokeswoman for the drug company said the company did not comment on pending litigation. Novartis' Boost Plus Web site describes the drink as "a great tasting, high calorie, nutritionally complete oral supplement for people who require extra energy and protein in a limited volume."

Note to the AP, one should not use oral and high protein in the same sentence.


The Sarcasticynic said...

Yeah, sure. Get an uncontrollable boner and instantly blame the energy drink. Happens all the time.

"Gosh, sweetie, must've been the Boost Plus."

Marloes said...

How long , do you think, before we get spammed to death with this stuff? Viagra can eat its heart out..:o)

Lemon Stand said...

LOL. ::shakes head:: Leave it to you to find this stuff. :o)

Dazd said...

LOL Cynic Maybe it was all the veggies in my diet too.

Marloes Yes, they will lose money now selling viagra.

LS LOL You expect anything less? :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Hey this is cool...I saw the same story and wrote about it on MY blog. Wow. We think alike!!! (kind of scary, isn't it?)