Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Night Haunts

Crossroads Paranormal Radio Link

Tonight at 9 EST on Crossroads Paranormal Radio Barb Powell of Sacred Connections will be joining us. We will be taking your calls and you can ask Barb ONE question. Please remember our show is one hour in length and we will get to as many calls as possible.

Barb is a psychic medium since birth, she has conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of 5. Barb resides in Canada.

If you can't make the live show, you can always go to Crossroads Paranormal Radio where you can listen to the archive, subscribe via RSS into ITunes and check out upcoming shows.

Here is the link for a Crossroads Paranormal Forum. Lots of good people here...

I promised a few readers back a couple of months ago I'd start posting sites with paranormal topics. Here is a great place to start...who knows, you may even see someone claiming to be me!

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The Sarcasticynic said...

"Barb is a psychic medium since birth"

My Aunt Ida has been a psychic XXL since birth.