Friday, June 29, 2007

One Year Anniversary

June 30, 2006 I opened this little corner of the blogosphere called Dazed and Confuzed from Here. I started it all off with this post. As I wrote that post, I had really no clue how this site would develop nor if I would continue. So many unknowns that I almost decided after the first post to quit. But then Cindi, Hoosierboy and Jerry left me words of encouragement.

July went along smoothly for the nOObie and I started gaining a daily readership. Although it was only 10 or so...I was pleased with myself. My blogroll started to expand and I found new friends along the way. August rolled along and I was hitting my stride, developing a style. And amazingly people seemed to enjoy the writing. And just as I was hitting my peak in writing, there was a setback. (Hint: Read the Haloscan Comments) I followed up with this post when I got home. I was completely surprised with how many people emailed me, posted comments and left words of support on their own site. That right there folks..brought a tear to my eyes. I had been adopted into a family, and that's fine! Now if I can just get them to pay support I'd be set. Friendships were forged that day and many continue on today.

I will confess that my writing stride suffered, at least from my perspective. Even today I struggle with writing and finding topics. That is mostly caused by time constraints and lack of mental stimulation. I sometimes get so wrapped within myself I forget to write. And even when I do write, I feel like something is lacking. Thats why I spend hours a week finding funny cartoons, caption pics for contests and trivia information. Yes it lacks writing style and creativity...but you know what? I don't care...they make me laugh and gives me a satisfaction I can never explain. And that's why I started this place, for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and posting the content contained within these four corners. I have written posts that amazed me, saddened me and left me wanting to write more. And now my blogroll is so immense I can spend upwards of 4 hours a day reading them all. And I try very hard to read each one every day. Because I learned early on that without you, my dear readers, this place would be nothing.

I have made so many friends here...each one has a special place within my heart and soul. You know who you are, no need to spell names. Besides, if I missed someone I'd be crushed and completely humiliated. I hope to remain here for many years to come. I also hope my friends remain and provide me the support and strength to continue everyday. After 372 posts and over 12,000 visitors, I'd be crazy to walk away.

How does one start writing their first post for a second year? You know the one...the one that maintains the unheralded greatness, humbly speaking of course.

Posted a day early since I'll be celebrating my One Year Anniversary away from home. Make sure, as always, to check out the great reads listed here at Dazed and Confuzed from Here. Or take the time to read the archives and leave a comment, on this post, your favorite post here at Dazed and Confuzed from Here.


Hammer said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!
You done good :)

Can't wait to read the second year.

BobG said...


Who's got the champagne?

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Blogoversary!

I like your comics and interesting facts but, I REALLY LOVED THIS POST.

I am happy to consider you a friend of mine too. (isn't blogging amazing, when you find that group of people that you just feel like you belong to?)

k said...

Happy Blogiversary, dazd! VERY happy!

Isn't it amazing, the great good that comes of this thing that seems simple, and so humble, at times?

Callie said...

Happy Bloggerverssary!!!

Keep Postin...


cmk said...

Glad you are going to continue on--you are a fine read!

Happy Blogoversary and here's to many more years!! {raising glass in your honor}

Scottsdale Girl said...

Happy Blogiversary Dazd! :)

Kat said...


dragonlady474 said...

Congratulations Dazd!! ^5

Marloes said...

Congratulations from me too. I have been around the block a few times and still I find new people that can captivate me and make me laugh from time to time. You are one of them.
I wish you a lot of inspiration for the coming year and many happy returns!

barista grazioso said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I love reading your stuff Dazd - you bring a healthy balance to the blogosphere. :)

tony said...

Way to go Dazd! Congrats on your milestone! Keep on keepin' on and take care of that temple of yours so we can continue to read the "funny!"