Sunday, July 08, 2007

Caption Contest Winners

First Place:"Stare deep into my eyes and I will heepnotize you. And then I will open my mouth...for the strawberry, of course!" cmk

Second Place: Think you're big enough to take this strawberry from me? Bing it on, pu$$y!" Walrilla

Third Place: Cat: "Lookey there; lunch and dessert!" BobG

As a bonus...Hit the "Read More" button for a slogan campaign. Leave you slogan in the comments as well. I would say this pic is NSFW. The winning captions are below.

I really need to stop searching for stuff.

First Place: Announcer: with Puma you can get ahead.. Marloes

Second Place:"Puma: We also make belts that coordinate with our stylish shoes and handbags. As you can see, our sales representatives will he happy to measure you for a belt today!
Why, what were you thinking?" Ambulance Driver

Third Place: "What's that on my thigh? Why, uhhh, it's mayonnaise. Yes, that's what it is. We were making sandwiches." Sarcasticynic

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cmk said...

First place--why thank you VERY much! :)