Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Odd Stories

If you've not visited Pointless Drivel, you should really read this article.

I'll never view Pokey the same again.

Becky at Tall Cool Drink of Water has an ummmm interesting picture for a caption contest.

Misty over at To Do: has an interesting post..."Obsessive-compulsive tendencies aside, I blame the cat and his fleas for the skin picking."

DooD has waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much times on his hands. But I'll say was time well spent.

This guy is an absolute riot! I cannot even begin to explain this title.

1 comment:

meleah rebeccah said...

A Guy A Blog and A Photoshop KILLS me!! He is Hysterical, every single time. (I cant believe he is only 22, hes VERY smart)

I spent an entire Sunday reading all of his posts, I couldn't get enough!

Ps.. I LOVE that you are using "Dood!"