Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday in the Works

Ok humble blog needs a facelift. Nothing drastic but I'm thinking maybe changing the header banner. Maybe the background too? I dunno...

Why am I mentioning this? Funny you should ask...I have no abilities with photoshop or any programs commonly used to create such files. So I'm opening up the doors for you, dear readers, to create something. You all are creative in some fashion and this I greatly respect.

Only one thing must have the color blue. I'm not talking robin egg blue Something eye apealing and easy to read is a must.

So send me your creations!

And for those of you that despise lolCats....maybe lolChickens?


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh thats a great picture. I have NO IDEA how to design a website...otherwise Id be GLAD to help.

KurtP said...

Something that could help:
when you see something you like, leftclick on an empty space (no links) select *view page source* and a new page will open to show you the HTTP (template) so you can hopefully find what you like and then copy and modify the HTTP into your blog.

BEFORE you play with your template, copy and paste it into word, or email it to yourself...just in case.