Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Public Service Announcement

The Loopy Libertarian at Chromed Curses has a post dedicated to a new site. LL seems to have developed a lot of sites for different charities in the past. And this one is just as important as the others and definitely worthy of promoting here at Dazd Central.

She has developed a website for a brand new charity called America's Wounded Heroes. Visit their website (still under development) and read about their mission. America's Wounded Heroes donates not only to our military personnel, but also to wounded public safety personnel here at home. Your dedicated public servants like law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs deserve just as much assistance for their duties.

Another site called VA Joe's is soliciting votes for the most worthy charity. The winner gets a $2,000 donation. Can you imagine a new charity winning $2,000 right out of the gate? The competition is stiff though with such noteworthy sites like Adopt A Platoon and Soldier's Angels. Registration is free at VA Joe's and there is an opt-out for emails and the such. And if you're not sure if you'd like to register or not to vote, why not drop some spare change into America's Wounded Heroesdonation jar?

Give America's Wounded Heroes some serious consideration, would you? I will be adding their Logo/Link to my sidebar.

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