Thursday, August 30, 2007

Transmundane Thursday

I was planning on posting about my trip to Mansfield Ohio last weekend but when one is sick, it's tough to spawn an intelligent story. Hopefully next week I'll write about my adventures. Until then, I've decided to post something that I've been working on that's not quite finished. So bear with me as this does have unfinished thoughts and jumps around continuously. I've edited enough that it "should" make sense and either leaving you wanting more or deciding I'm off my rocker. So here we go!!!

Traditional apparitions are ghosts that interact with human beings. This can be for good or for bad. These ghosts are believed to hide objects, frighten people, throw objects or plea for help. These ghosts are also said to be present because of unfinished work. This can be due to their death in untoward circumstances, and they generally seek human help to resolve the issue and progress into a different realm. These spirits are said to be “intelligent” yet haunting, as they appear to be aware of the people around them and their surroundings. Often what we deem as a "demonic" experience is actually a spirit doing things only to get your attention.

Crisis apparitions are ghosts who appear to inform someone about danger. They are solid or transparent by nature. Anniversary ghosts appear on the anniversary of their death caused by some tragic event. These ghosts are commonly found in haunted houses or castles, and often relate to legends of tragedies from centuries past.

Messenger ghosts, like banshees, appear to family members to herald the death of another family member. Poltergeists are noisy spirits who produce sounds like "psychic explosions" from a teenage boy or girl.

Ghosts are believed to be the apparitions of dead people. A ghost is the spirit of a human who survives on the earth after death. Every culture in the world has folklore about ghosts. These disturbed souls are unaware of being dead and remain attached to familiar places and repeat the same acts as alive.

Ghosts are commonly depicted in a human size and shape, but there have been theories that have announced their appearance in silvery, shadowy or fog-like forms. Ghosts don’t have any physical body like humans, but only possess a subtle astral body. Ghosts make their presence felt by moving objects, throwing vivid lights etc., which have no practical explanation. People who believe in ghosts explain their existence by stating that they are souls who could not find rest after death or souls who have an unfinished business on the earth.

Classification of Ghosts

1. Past: revenants, deathbed and near-death, haunters
2. Present: crisis apparitions, living ghosts, autophany and bi-location
3. Future: still not clearly defined and remains a myth
4. Out of Time: aerial battles and other events, archetypal ghosts

Characteristics of Ghosts

1. Generally life-like in appearance
2. Usually 'seen' in much the same way as if it was real
3. May be seen either collectively or selectively
4. May change its appearance during the sighting
5. May appear by forming from a luminous or misty shape
6. May be seen in whole or in part
7. May be opaque or transparent, may reflect or not, cast a shadow or not
8. Can make sounds
9. May perform a physical action … but if so, the action is trivial
10. May respond to the percipient or act as though s/he isn't there
11. May depart naturally, or vanish abruptly, or simply fade away
12. Never leaves any souvenir, memento or trace
13. Frequently fails to establish its identity
14. Frequently sensed.

Purposes of the Ghost Experience

1. Offering comfort, counsel, help
2. Requesting comfort, counsel, help
3. Warning of danger
4. Seeking to complete 'unfinished business'
5. Manifesting malevolence
6. Messengers


cmk said...

Very, very interesting!

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you would enjoy

dragonlady474 said...

Twice, since living here, I've been out on my deck and felt something was there and suddenly there was this sense of overwhelming sadness, despair and regret. And then the presence would leave, along with the feelings. Very odd.