Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Rights!

Although I've only been in the blogging community a little more than a year, I've seen many bloggers come and go. And some of them not by choice! Just recently, one of my favorite bloggers and online friend was told to stop blogging immediately by her employer. Sadly, Letters from NYC has closed its doors thus ending a brilliant blog of life's reflections and meaningful insights. I am truly going to miss her and I hope she continues to visit here.

Where do an employers "rights" end and an employee's rights begin? Yes I am fully aware that "Freedom of Speech" isn't applicable concerning blogs. After all, we are not journalists nor reporters but simply just everyday human beings. We are plankton amongst the corporate whales of business. Where does it stop? Will I be told someday by my employer or future employer that my paranormal investigating doesn't "fit" into the company's persona? Will I be denied said employment because some asshat decided to research the Internets without my permission? Or maybe my Internet radio show(s) I frequent or host don't necessarily represent the best interest of said employer?

Or better yet...a myspace, facebook, zanga, whatthefluckever kinda networking page isn't acceptable?

The house I live in or the car I drive isn't suitable for company ABC's employees? Or maybe, just maybe, my ancestral history of misdeeds or proprietary ownership of establishments doesn't fall within the boundaries of suitability?

What if I write a book and it's published yet the Board of Directors feels the topic is too heated or questionable?

When did companies determine that I am not a free thinking individual with my own set of morals and standards? When did companies decide that a Credit History is necessary for a job that an individual doesn't even have access to their money? Maybe someone had a rough time for 6 months and they really NEED a job to get their life back on track!

I want to know one thing..Where the fluck are companies finding all these supposed "goodie two-shoes"? Here's a prediction Mr. Corporate Human Resources Person...you'll eventually have no one to hire because we don't give a shit what you think's acceptable!

I am a human being and I reserve the right...not privilege...but RIGHT to voice, write, condone, broadcast whatever I chose to be acceptable and of moral character according to my standards!

Yes folks...my hackles are raised and teeth are snarling in the moonlight. That's why this post received it's own label!

More to follow...


Jay said...

"Yes I am fully aware that "Freedom of Speech" isn't applicable concerning blogs."

Oh yes it is!! The first amendment applies to all speech. Blogs are certainly covered. If she isn't blogging about her job, the more than likely they have no legal right to stop her from blogging. Most companies rely on bullying their employees into thinking that the company can control what their employees do with their own private time.

Dazd said...

"the more than likely they have no legal right to stop her from blogging"

Jay...I made that statement based on 2 hours of research for legal rights of bloggers. You hit the nail on the head with your comment quoted above. They have no legal means to stop them and the bloggers have no legal means to defend them.

Unless they are blogging about workers rights, blah blah blah

Teresa said...

I bet she works for a company that instead of understanding the technology and communication tools today, just immediately vow to keep their employees from using them. I am so glad that I work for a company that encourages its' employees to have lives outside of our job and respect our freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

This is a question I consider quite often as I write blogs as part of my job. If I start a personal blog, does that infringe on the writing I do for my employers. Could they make the case that, since I write under my own name for them, anything I write personally could negatively reflect on them?

It's a complicated world when it comes to bloggers rights. I predict a lot of case law is going to be made in the next five years or so.

Lemon Stand said...


Hammer said...

I try to keep mine as anonymous as possible do tho these kind of issues.

A company can put pretty much any condition it wants on employment as long as it's not based on race or whatnot.

The first amendment only pertains to the government putting limits on freedom of speech.

If a company says "no blogging or you're fired" the only recourse is a costly civil suit or to find a new job.

skywriter said...

That's why I most carefully don't blog about my work. Not what three letter agency I work for or even what I do. (though based on my education and hobbies some have figured it out). I'll mention generalities, like I had a long day, or I went out of town, but only 3 or 4 people know the exact nature of the work I do, and they are friends outside of being on each others blogroll.

Oh. . but the post retirement blog is going to be a doozey. :-)