Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My holiday actually started the 22nd while visitng some new friends. I couldn't even think of a better way to start.

I actually started and finished my Xmas shopping on Sunday. Being that it was Sunday, most of would be shoppers were either in church or preparing to watch NFL. My son and I experienced small crowds, even smaller check-out waits and parking was da bomb! In fact, we would've been done in 4 hours or less except we took advantage of small crowds to browse; something I rarely do. And yes, we visited the toy store aisle with all the sirens and noisemakers. :)

Christmas Eve was spent lounging around the house until 4 pm. We then went to my parents house for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Almost didn't all the presents for my son packed but we did. lol Christmas morning came too quickly and the presnets were plentiful. I did miss my step-daughter though, she couldn't make the trip from Nashville. Just wasn't the same without her but she promised she'll be up after New Years day.

We spent the afternoon at my brother-in-laws place eating, opening presents, drinking and eating. Did I mention we ate? Goodness...I'm still stuffed. Today I'm just relaxing and doing much of nothing. We may venture out to the grocery store...but I doubt it. lol

I hope your day is as relaxing as mine.


Callie said...

I *heart you* man!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays!!!


Meleah Rebeccah said...

Im glad you had such a fabulous time this holiday season! xxoo

Jerry said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas.

Just now getting back to normal around these parts.

Anonymous said...

I have been lazy as hell myself!

So happy you had a nice holiday.We are still eating friggin leftovers.I'm so sick of them.

vw bug said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!