Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Ramblings

I finally had my check-up that I'd been procrastinating. Good news is they found a heart beat AND minimal brain activity. So clinically I'm still considered a living human being. I hate the doctors...I really do. I feel like cattle herded through the barn yard. Very rarely do I walk away feeling like I received the best diagnosis for my buck.

Heart looked good on the EKG, blood tests came back normal, acid reflux is under control and I'm in overall good health. Pessimistic? You betcha! Last time they told me that I had a heart attack two weeks later. FFS

Bad news...I need to lose weight. weight has increased, significantly. So I have set a goal of dropping 25 lbs by January 1st with the first 10 lbs within 2 weeks. A goal that is achievable and hopefully enough to get the doctors off my back.

Lets see...we lost some damn fine entertainers the last couple of days. George Carlin, Cyd Charisse and Dody Goodman.

I'll keep my faithful readers updated on my weight progress...boring stuff I tell ya.


meleah rebeccah said...

"hate the doctors...I really do. I feel like cattle herded through the barn yard."

I feel the SAME way when I go to any of my 9 billion doctors appointments.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got a fairly clean bill of health. Good luck with the weight loss!

Mrs. Who said...

You have a plan...good! You made a reasonable goal to reach. You can do it! (eeewww...I just sounded like that weird blonde guy on the exercise commercial...he really weirds me out!)

Dawn said...

Mrs. who is right... setting unrealistic goals only sets you up for failure. You've got a good plan and one that is definitely attainable.

Editor said...

bring your fat ass down here. between the temperature and the rugged terrain, a long weekend here would really help you lose weight.

Amanda said...

doctors really do suck IMO. if you ever want to know anything defdinately post it. i absolutely love medicine. losing weight is tough....i recently read a study that showed those who wrote down what they ate lost more weight than those who did not.