Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Chaos We Don't Need

Here's what the MSM isn't telling you, in my edited version.

Stefan Cornelius, South German News: going back a few days, I’d like to ask you what made you decide to put the forces into South Ossetia on Thursday night after declaring a halt of weapons at that point.

PRESIDENT Saakashvili: I am sickened by the speculation that Georgia started anything first. We clearly responded to the Russians. Ossetian separatists are supported by the Russian forces, and they were shooting at us for days and days. They were killing people. We declared a ceasefire, hoping to stop the violence. On the day I was supposed to go to the Olympics, 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave, I got off the plane, because I felt something was going wrong. I called Javier Solana, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, friendly presidents, asking them to contact Russia, because they wouldn’t respond to us. We wanted to know what was going on. It was very unusual – we had provocations in the past, but this was very unusual.

The point here is that around eleven o’clock, Russian tanks started to move into Georgian territory, 150 at first. And that was a clear-cut invasion. That was the moment when we started to open fire with artillery, because otherwise they would have crossed the bridge and moved into Tskhinvali. The problem is that on the way, there were villages that didn’t have any military personnel in them, because we weren’t preparing for this. We only had lightly-armed police. So, once they crossed the village, they could move quickly through the villages, then on to Tskhinvali.

They have been building up troops all year. Can you imagine that somebody would bring 1200 tanks into another country within a few hours? It takes months and months. Even the United States couldn’t do it in that short an amount of time. So it’s another Russian fiction. When they shot down our UAV, they said it was war provocation. When they were bombing our territory, they said there were Georgian planes bombing their territory. You know, Finland also attacked the Soviet Union, according to Stalin. Poland also attacked Germany. Small countries always attack, and then get occupied. It’s high time for people to understand what’s going on.

I’ve heard talk of this being a hot-headed nationalist response. Excuse me – what do you mean, response? We were being invaded, occupied, killed – and to suggest that responding to that would be hot-headed nationalism, frankly, would be immoral. I’m astonished that, in the 21st century, that would be possible. My only gamble here was to try to build a free society and a free country. And the Russians are now saying that this is going to fail. My response is that no matter what we do, we’re not going to give up. We had the biggest rally ever in Tbilisi yesterday. This was a time that there were rumours, bombings, there were 200,000 people in the streets despite the fact that people were saying they might bomb the demonstration. Everything’s possible. People showed up en masse. If you have 200,000 people in the streets, that should show you something. Democracy cannot be defeated only by tanks.

But democracies can be betrayed. And it is true that many people in the world are still underestimating the threat, and looking for all kinds of justifications for why they shouldn’t act. For me, frankly, not giving us a MAP was a signal to Russia. They got the signal. No matter what the justification was, publicly, the Russians got the message. They took it as a signal to attack. I’ve been waiting for the attack for months, warning Western leaders about this. They kept saying that “this is not going to happen, that [I] was exaggerating.” I told them they would bomb us. “Oh, no, no, Russians would never bomb anybody.” The scale of the invasion is bigger than the first days of Afghanistan or Prague or Budapest, that’s for sure.

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If Russia takes and holds Georgia with a mass of troops, or enough of Georgia to have an occupied path north to south in Georgia... .

And then there is the imminent expected chaos in Iran once it is attacked by Israel....

Russia has only to roll across little Armenia to take a role in the military situation in Iran.

Thus Russia can take advantage of the situation and claim a warm water port in the Persian Gulf as well as the oil and gas fields of Iran on the way to the Gulf.

Iran could not say no to the bear ally or the bear enemy. The Russians could sweep down along the oil and gas fields to the Gulf and provide a barrier line of Russian troops Iran_oil_gas protecting Iran from the Americans.

If we try to hold this situation off by reining in Israel (as seems to be happening) then the Iranians get to finish their bomb. Its a win either way for Russia as oil either comes under their control, or is destroyed in war.

The only solution is to stop the Russians now.

SourceEmphasis mine.



meleah rebeccah said...

Im still sick over John Edwards and his love child baby, while his wife is dying of cancer. I can't with politics at all.

nachtwache said...

You should see the stuff they write on the english aljazeera 'news' blog, especially the comments from US govt. haters, one called the aljazeera story real journalism. What a joke.
OH yeah, the story blames the US for the start of the aggressions...