Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Looks like alot of things are broken on my blog. Blogrolling is inactive and may be closing up shop. Haloscan comments was taken over and now I have to pay for it?

Hmmmm...any ideas for a blogroll would be greatly appreciated. I hate having to code in sites and such. Maybe I'll completely overhaul the whole site. I dunno...

In other news...its FALL here in Indiana finally!

Not much else to report...move along folks, dead body has been removed...nothing to see here.

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Freddie said...

Yes. Haloscan is pay only now, I think.

You can use Blogger's commenting for free though (you probably already knew that).

You might want to consider importing this old[er] blog into a new Blogger blog (Blogger is MUCH easier to use now, if you start a new blog).