Friday, October 01, 2010


Well I have the blog revised and my blogroll working again. Not too happy with the layout but I can change it easily. So don't worry, its not the blog messing up. It's Dazd going through changing things up.

Opening day of archery deer season here in Indiana. Lovely weather outside and with the dry weather, Nature has changed dramatically over the last week. I noticed farmers are taking in the corn now instead of the soybeans. I won't be deer hunting this year as no monies and no where to hunt. So I'll just enjoy the fall weather, changing of the scenery and good times with the family.

Over the summer I became a Grandpa twice over. My two step-daughters both had boys. One was born in June and the other in September. Have yet to see the newest addition as they live south of Nashville and money is tight. But I'm hoping soon to hold that baby in my arms.

Hoping you all have a great weekend!


cmk said...

Congrats on the newest additions! We said 'welcome' to our seventh g-child last month. Haven't held her, either, as she was in the NICU and I am too nervous to hold 'wired' babies. ;)

Angie Lee said...

I'd let ya hunt here, but it's a drive away...

Glad to see you, though - missed ya!

Fred said...

Congrats on becoming a grandpa.

Grandbabies rock!