Friday, October 15, 2010

Listen...Hear That...Yea...It's Freakin' Quiet

I love kids...don't get me wrong I truly do. I wasn't even hesitant when asked back in June if I'd consider taking responsibility for our two nephews. Never flinched...just blurted out, "Ok, lets give it a shot." What could it hurt right?

Well lemme tell you...two boys aged 5 and 3 (soon to be 3) coming into the house of solitude was about as dramatic as a bull in the china shop. peace and solitude went bye bye. It was ok for awhile then the reality set in on both parties. And it was ok while our son was not in school. The 5 year old started Kindergarten 2 weeks before my son started his school. So us 3 Amigos had a grand time going places and making our idle time efficient as Uncle Dazd could teach them. Yea...then the son goes to school and its just us two.

I mean at 45...I shoulda been primed right? I shoulda known all about what needed to be accomplished to make life peaceful again, right? How hard could it be taking in two boys and mentoring them for a year or so?

Well lemme show you the Kodak Moment when the missus walks in asking how the day went!

So yea...this should be interesting. If I ever wanted/needed a JOB, its now. Being stuck at home basically 24/7 leaves me little time to enjoy myself elsewhere. Maybe I'll take up drinking again...


Anonymous said...

Now you understand why I needed those drink nights in chat!!!


vw bug said...

ROTFLMAO... I'm 46 with a 7 year old and an 8 year old. You made my day!

cmk said...

Wow...just wow. I KNOW I could never do this--you and your wife must be saints. Hang in there.

Dazd said...

Michele - Yes I fully understand now. Great to hear form you!

CMK - If we are the definition of saints, God made a huge blunder. lol

VW - Glad it brought a smile! Your a trooper too!

Freddie said...

Wow. You have my admiration. IMHO, taking care of kids can be the MOST difficult job we have. But it's also one of the most important.

Congrats: Very few men understand this, I think.

And, of course, you know I haf'ta say DON'T take up the drinkin' again.

Dazd said...

Freddie - What!?!?!?! No drinking? heh

meleah rebeccah said...

Um yeah! That's definitely a justifiable reason to start drinking heavily!