Friday, January 07, 2011


Been a few weeks since I've posted anything. The Holidays kept me busy and frankly, I had nothing to write about. Things haven't progressed at all on the employment front. A few calls here and there but nothing yet has materialized. The unemployment funds run out next week and I'm really stressing over how we will survive.

I know there are naysayers who claim its not tough to find a job. In fact, its downright ridiculous how we, as a society, have become sheeple. Yes...we are sheeple. Does anyone actually believe that the unemployment rate nationwide is 9.4%? I am about to become a statistic..that's right a statistic. A statistic that doesn't get counted in that unemployment rate. Once my unemployment ceases, I am no longer counted as unemployed. Or how about those people who worked part-time that lost their job? They don't get counted either. Or how about those people who just plain gave-up looking for a job? That's right...they don't get counted either.

Other news...its still cold in Indiana. Although the snow has melted its still hovering in the 20's for highs daily. Good news to warm the hearts of football fans...Colts are in the playoffs! They take on the evil NY Jets Saturday right here in Indianapolis. The city is all abuzz with excitement and hopefully the weather holds well.

Well thats all for now...I'll try and post more next week. Wish me luck on getting a job! I can use allot of luck about now.


vw bug said...

Good luck on your job hunting. I just sent my resume to two jobs this morning. It's insane out there.

Freddie said...

Wish there were a way I could help. I often hear about available jobs down there. Unfortunately, they're usually in the legal field. You don't happen to be a "property tax analyst" or a "health policy advisor," do you?

I WILL continue to keep my fingers crossed for you though.

meleah rebeccah said...

Good Luck Steve. My mother is in the same boat. Her unemployment runs out soon, and she's no where near finding a job.

Lemon Stand said...

Between my husband and I, we have four family members who have been unemployed long enough not to be counted either. My thoughts, prayers and as much good karma as I can possibly send your way!

meleah rebeccah said...

PS: stay warm, it's been crazy cold and super snowy here in NJ.