Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is This Amusing?

As regular readers are aware, unemployment has been my life blood for 2 years now. Yes, I have worked the occasional job here and there but the steady stream on benefits has kept us afloat. I've had over a bakers dozen of job interviews, background checks, credit checks, drug screening and the waxing of hair off my ass.

Now here's the amusing part, or so I think it is anyways. The Indiana State legislation is currently trying to pass a law. I know, right! This law, two different versions of the bill, would require that anyone on unemployment who fails a drug screening from a potential employers be: 1. Stripped of their Unemployment Benefits 2. A $10,000 fine 3. Up to 3 years in jail.

Now here's the issue: If said person fails drug tests and is fined $10,000 without a job, how does one pay this fine? Or...If said person loses unemployment benefits, are they going to make cash illegally? (aka drug dealing, theft, etc...) Or spend 3 years in jail on the taxpayers dime? Well you see...any of these scenarios could be on the taxpayers dime regardless. Oh...homeless person now along with their entire family? Lovely...

So which is the lesser of two evils: 1. Paying unemployment benefits or 2. Paying through the government system with taxpayers dollars, aka higher taxes.

Did Illinois start the trend by raising their income taxes by 66%?

So what say you my loyal readers?


meleah rebeccah said...

OMG. That's crazy talk!

The lesser of the two evils would be to keep paying the unemployment benefits!

Lemon Stand said...

Doesn't make much sense but that's bureaucracy for you!