Monday, April 11, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 2

April 15 2012

We are also preparing to be self-sufficient. This is our main priority this spring/early summer. Our focus will shift towards fall as we prepare for the winter months. But our preparation now will save us valuable time and energy.

Cistern system plumbed for potable water in the house. Drinking/cooking water comes from a well through an electric pump. A hand pump will be installed soon since electricity is sporadic. Built a 55 gallon filtration system to use the potable cistern water if necessary. A jack-of-all-trades is definitely a good thing but not a reliable source of journeyman caliber of work. Filled the drum with gravel, sand and charcoal from a recent fire. Lined the bottom of the drum with old cloth to keep the sand from escaping. Nice set-up and works great...water is tasty and no side effects to date.

We have been working long hours preparing for bringing livestock to the farm. We are also preparing to be self-sufficient. The farmer I befriended, Larry, stopped by today and offered to bring us some chicks, a calf, a goat and a few hogs his next visit. This will be a welcome choice of meat as right now with spring, wildlife is allusive and scarce. Larry stayed two nights and assisted us working around the farm. Larry was really impressed with the cistern and filtration systems. He asked if I could come in two weeks to assist him in constructing one of each for his farm. He brought news of...well its not good news at all. Oil and gas reserves are depleted. Economies have collapsed and government issued money is worthless. Most people deal in the barter system and a few deal in other currencies like gold, silver and even copper. Most HAM radio operators tell of rioting and total chaos. Death tolls cannot be given as no one is really sure. People are dying from starvation and more importantly, lack of medications. Most people are being cremated or buried in mass graves. The counties are keeping record of known identities but I'd not trust them with accuracy. I worry about the medications as I have high blood pressure. I was able to obtain enough meds for 1 year. And if I stretch it out, I could probably make it 2 years. We are stocked with antibiotics and triage supplies. There is a local doctor in the next town but thats 20 miles away. Would be a 2 day trip on foot barring any encounters.

Today is the deadline to file and pay taxes. Yea right...won't be getting a dime from me this year. Larry warned of collectors would be making rounds soon. So far the county officials that have stopped by have been somewhat friendly. I hope the collectors understand as I'd hate to use force, but if necessary I will defend my home.

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