Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 1

Journal Entry - March 2 2012
Earthquake rips through China devastating the manufacturing regions of Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong provinces. The western portion of China is in total chaos. Taiwan suffered the brunt of the 50ft tsunami. The western shores of North and South Korea suffered major damages as well of the tsunami. Casualties are estimated at 1 million or higher. World stocks were stable but volatile.

March 3 2012
Earthquake measured at a 8.9 magnitude lasting approximately 4 minutes. Aftershocks are averaging 6.9 magnitude. Unconfirmed reports of over 50 in the last 24 hours. Taiwan is basically and quite literally wiped off the map. North and South Korea suffered heavy casualties and their economic structure seems to be collapsing. World stocks start to fall as China is the biggest exporter to the world. Especially to the USA.

March 15 2012
World economic collapse after the China earthquake and tsunami. Spent the last week packing necessities for a hasty move from the city. Have already sent the wife and kid/nephews to our new destination. Riots and utter chaos all around. Walk around armed at all times now as even venturing to the store is like D-Day. Martial law has been declared. Gas shortages and frequent power outages have us all on edge. News is providing minimal information as its state controlled now. HAM radio operators world-wide are suggesting a rebellion and uprising in the Middle East. News is sketchy at best.

March 16 2012
Last entry until I arrive at my destination. Hoping I can make it outside the city limits in my car. It's now extremely dangerous in my own neighborhood. Armed gangs of looters are foraging and killing anyone who opposes. Kept them at bay last night from my sniping positions and went undiscovered. Remington 700 did the job nicely. Those tunnels the neighbors and I dug a two weeks ago proved invaluable in keeping them guessing my location. Enough gas in the car for 300+ mile trip, water, bug out bag (B.O.B), cache of small arms weapons, map, trading goods and misc. things from the house. I'm out...wish me luck!

March 31 2012
Made it the 100+ miles to our destination. Family is safe and have a few things already operational. My journey was uneventful until I was outside the loop and major city limits. A few roadblocks safely navigated with trading goods I had brought along for just such a case. Last roadblock wasn't as fortunate as a major gunfight erupted a few car ahead of me. I was able to escape via my car on a dirt road that abruptly ended in a cornfield bordering a small cliff. My B.O.B and survival gear taken with me but ditched the car. I walked on foot the last 45 miles averaging 8 miles a day. Found a nice final bug-out location for extreme emergencies about 15 miles from our new home. Rough going as I stayed clear of roads and houses whenever possible. One farmer befriended me and took me in for the night. Slept in his barn and was the first decent nights sleep in a week. Made a good friend and ally over the next few days as we tended to my wounds. News of the world-wide conflicts aren't good. Middle East is in turmoil and all oil production/shipments have ceased. Martial law declared state wide and counties are trying to contain the chaos without much luck. County officials stopped by today to check things out. I didn't let them past the front porch as they are not welcomed to snoop around. Advised them to "Not call us we'll call you".

Cistern systems are operational for fresh water. Have the obvious one at the house but a few others scattered about the area for back-ups. Huge garden is tilled the best we could without a tractor or mule. Potatoes, cabbage, radishes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli planted and some other varieties of spices. Cool season veggies and hopefully help break the soil to make it easier to plant crops later.

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