Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 3

April 30 2012

News from the outside world shows things are calming down. Oil production is still at 50% and prices remain elevated. The world has calmed a bit from the stock collapses but tensions remain volatile. Death toll from the China earthquake are in the millions. Japan's economy is still suffering after the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster. Calm has been restored around the States but we will remain here. Martial law is still in effect but most of the tensions have eased and life is getting somewhat back to normal. Jobs are now plentiful as the production ramps up to try and cover what China supplied in materials and basic necessities. Frivolous items are not to be manufactured and the government has set standards and a list of what can and cannot be produced. I think its a great thing as we have become too materialistic in our everyday lives.

We've put in allot of work and are content with our progress. I have some money put back and have enough goods to now barter efficiently. I won't be leaving anytime soon, unless money and goods run out and we need the cash.

Finally obtained a tractor! It runs a bit rough but plowing and discing is so much easier. We now have a personal garden 5 acres in size. The local Co-op has supplied us with a generous variety of seeds. We are also gathering all the supplies for canning. This will be crucial to making the garden provide and get us thru the winter. We will have plenty of green beans, corn, tomatoes, pickles, etc...The green vegetables will be good for iron, vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin A.

Larry shows up tomorrow with some livestock. Pens and fenced areas are all set. We have 100 acres here with over 50 acres being tillable. We've only used 5 acres so far for a personal garden. For now, we'll just turn the rest into pasture. We've also begun the wood cutting and splitting for the winter months. Hard work...only using the chainsaw to cut into lengths as the rest is done by axe.

May 1 2012

Larry came today and boy what a surprise! He brought all the livestock he promised and then some. We know have a dozen pigs at various stages of maturity. 2 of the sows are with a litter each and should drop in a month. We now have 18 head of cattle with 4 being steers, 4 cows carrying calves, 4 heifers and 1 bull. The other 5 are Holsteins so we can have fresh milk. Chickens...oh my word...chickens everywhere! We have chicks, laying hens, roosters...cannot count them all. Letting the roosters and a few hens range the area to keep snakes and rats down. He substituted the goats for sheep. We know have 18 head of sheep at carious maturity levels. 4 dams are with lamb, 2 rams, rest are wethers and ewes. He also brought 2 mules to help protect the other animals from predators. They are only 2 years old so they can also be used for various chores around the farm. He also brought plenty of grain to get us by for a few months of winter. In the meantime, the cattle and sheep can graze fresh pasture.

He also brought a wood burning stove, a huge gas tank for the tractor, all kinds of various materials as he states he has plans for us. lol He also brought along two other guys he trusts completely. Apparently us city folk are quite the talk of the county. The guys came to check out the cistern system and are wanting to discuss getting them setup and work out some kind of pay agreement. Larry also brought his wife and 2 kids along for the ride. They plan on staying a few days helping us get settled in with the new animals.

More to follow!

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