Monday, April 18, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 4

May 5 2012

Larry and the guys have been such a great wealth of knowledge and man-power. The wood burning stove is now installed properly and works great. We fired it up and burnt the dust off and made sure the flue was functional. Metal flashing installed around the flue where it enters the roof. Plans already laid out to provide a brick flue at a later date. More likely next year as we hit the planting season.

We fixed the tractor and it runs like a charm. Being its a 1956 Ford tractor, its not diesel so its relatively easy to maintain. Doesn't run well on unleaded fuel but the guys had a fix for that. We also repaired the fence line to the largest pasture and gridded it into mini pastures. We went to the local Co-op again and were supplied with worming medications and some antibiotics in case they are needed. We also got the name of the local veterinarian and left a written note for him on the bulletin board. The Co-op is on the outskirts of town and have to yet venture into town. Larry says the town is around 5,000 people, library, police (sheriff outpost), volunteer fire department, the regular churches, bars, etc... We made plans to go next time we were in the area.

May 7 2012

Packing light to travel to Larry's place for a few days. The wife and son will stay behind but I'm taking the nephews. At their ages its better to have kids to play with then run a muck and constantly cause a commotion. Larry's wife, Marcia, has spent her time her helping her get acquainted with canning, sewing, gardening and anything else one will need to maintain order within the house. She also showed her how to shoot a handgun, rifle and shotgun...although a shotgun is more point and fire. She taught her how to shoot for birds. I had shown her before but Marcia really fine tuned the skills.

Went over the feeding of the animals again although they say I sound like a town crier repeating everything. We also discussed defending the home of intruders although the entire time here we've not had an issue. But still...its best to stay prepared. We built a 1 acre yard by using wire fencing boxing the house in. One gate on each side rigged to purposely make noise upon opening. Also have various noisemakers tied to the fencing at irregular intervals and hidden close to the ground. This 1 acre box will give anyone inside the house plenty of time to react. It also provides a safety zone for unannounced visitors. No one in the fence!

Local clergy stopped by today and visited for close to 2 hours. Once we all felt comfortable, we invited them to sit on the porch. We served sun tea, biscuits with jam and had a nice visit. They brought news of the current events. Some of it was common sense but most of it was bad news. It seems the oil production has slipped further with a war breaking out in the Middle East. Syria attacked Lebanon with amazing accuracy and speed yet Lebanon was able to fight off an occupation. Israel seized the moment and swept through without much confrontation. Israel, out of fear possibly, counter-struck Syria with full military force. Lebanon was over-run by Israel and is now occupied as such. Syria was left crippled severely and is occupied by Israel. Jordan intervened diplomatically and the Israelis bluntly stated if Jordan wishes to interfere, they would be next. Iran now controls the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Iran invaded Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates and these countries are now occupied as such. Iraq was able to fend off the Iranian invasion, for now, but now they are land locked and cut-off from being resupplied. Israel has issued a warning to Iran...come any closer to our occupied borders and we will retaliate with nuclear force. Pakistan and India are now at a stalemate. Both sides have massed their military on the border and seems a crossed-eyed look will set off a major conflict. We fear these two will not have the restraint of not using nuclear weapons.

More to come as we leave in an hour for Larry's place!

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