Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 7

May 25 2012
Our meeting with the neighbors was very productive. Of course the hot topic was protection since the attack on us has worried the neighbors. We have beefed up our first warning by adding a few dogs. And more weapons are available for quick response. As for the neighbors, we have devised a patrol plan that will involve everyone and rotation. There is not much we can fix about people on foot through the countryside. But we have "booby trapped" the roadways to signal us and disable a vehicle. The local authorities stopped by our meeting to lend suggestions and support. While vigilantism is discouraged, the mood has shifted to our protective rights. They assured us they'd not interfere as long as we didn't become the aggressors. This created a bug sigh of relief.

May 30 2012
Root cellars are now built, run with electricity and hidden amongst the buildings on our farm. All "bunkers" are buried 6 feet below the surface and are a minimum size of 20x20x8. We moved the deep freezers into all 3 of them and supplied most with basic necessities. Concrete 2 feet thick was used, sealed and drainage applied so they hopefully remain dry.

Some neighbors are leaving the area for family or the cities. All the Big 12 families (as we call ourselves now) are remaining and have received permission in writing, from those leaving, to pillage their properties. We gathered all that was useful and inventoried it all. The Big 12 will take the minimal amounts of what they need and the rest will be used for bartering.

Patrols have been uneventful but we are becoming more familiar with our surroundings. Most travel on foot while a few use bicycles. We are seeing wildlife while patrolling and are making maps of movement and locations. This will become useful in the fall as we gather food.

May 31 2012
SHTF literally today. We are not sure what actually triggered the events but we have seen Helos, heard tanks and artillery fire in the distance. NPR has little to no information available and TV stations have gone off-air. We have hunkered down in a root cellar and some of the neighbors are coming later. We quickly moved any evidence of using the house into the bunker. That way if anyone stops by, all they'll see is the livestock.

One neighbor came with news...our state government has gone rogue with extremist group taking control of our state capitol and attacking National Guard Armories. Hence the sounds of artillery and tank fire. Our local national guard base has counter-attacking and right now have the upper hand. Reports of troop movements north have us a little relieved as they aren't moving in our direction. No word from the federal government if they will support our state.

As long as the battle is north and doesn't come closer, we should be ok.

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