Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 16

July 21 2012
Wow...what a cookout!!! We could not have asked for better weather, food or company. Sweet corn, green beans, fresh tomatoes, peas and the list goes on. Not much food left but what was left we sent with the Captain for his troops. And the Captain is quite the horseshoe player! We had games of baseball, horseshoes, frisbee and we even had the pond cleared out for some afternoon swimming. The kids all had a great time and most of the younger ones were asleep by dance time. The older kids collected fireflies and the teenage ones do whatever teenagers do. We kept the fire down a bit so we didn't attract unwanted attention. But it was enough to keep the dance area lit and the players able to read their music. Nothing like a band with guitars, banjo, mandolin and even a washboard. We danced until the wee hours of the morning.

I participated in the sniper shoot and made a name for myself. My 308 did a fine job out to 700 yards. I was better suited for the 500 yard and kept a group of three at Silver Dollar size. Since I was shooting against the Guard, I didn't hold back my aim. I will say the guys were most helpful getting dialed in to 700 yards although I won't be using that distance anytime soon. I wasn't much good at the horseshoes so I tended to the younger kids and kept them busy. I set up a scavenger hunt and that kept them all busy for a couple of hours. And yes...no one was a clear winner as Armadillo eggs are very very rare around these parts. **Evil Grin**

I am still on restricted work duty and this is killing me. I'm tired of being Project Manager!!! Still no word from Larry and friends...

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