Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 15

July 7 2012
Had to call for the company medic today. I was having issues with my vision and concentration. Headaches were severe also. My BP is elevated and I'm positive its from all the news. It's stressful knowing all this information and can only share it with Glenn, who is just as stressed out. I've been taken off chore duty for 2 weeks and told to get as much bed rest as possible. Was given some kind of sedative that will knock me out at night. During the day, they'll have to lock me in a shelter to stop me. Rain brought a much needed relief in cooler weather. For July here, its only getting low 80's during the day and a comfortable high 60's at night.

We have a few town stragglers coming out from hiding now. 2 of the clergymen and their families escaped harm and we've taken them in. The other 12 or so were sent back to town for the Guard to care for. We just can't take anyone in and besides, having a man of God on our side is a morale booster.

July 9 2012
Two Guard supply trucks came today with ammunitions and weapons. We also received some sort of radar thingy. Glenn was practically drooling and we had to fan him to keep him cool. Not sure what its really for but he claims it'll track enemy fire and direction. To me thats all good and dandy, but that means trouble is brewing on the horizon. They also brought us items we needed, such as toilet paper.

The grunts offloading the trucks told of excited "chatter" on the military radios. I eyeballed the Lt but he acted like he didn't see me. They weren't sure what the chatter was about as it was in code. I'll be asking Lt later...

Lt was informed another squad would be in our area before sundown tomorrow. I asked one of the grunts about Larry's area. He said he'd been through there and a few places had been looted and burnt. He was going back through there soon and promised to look in on the folks. We gave him a crude map of the area and houses with names. He was a good kid...19 if I guessed right...and seemed genuine to our requests. Of course the convo was without anyones permission. But a few jars of homemade whisky will get ya motivated.

July 11 2012
I finally cornered Lt in a shelter to ask about the increased "chatter". He was reluctant at first but when Glenn appeared in the door way, he knew there was no use resisting. We broke out the whisky and talked for a good hour. The increased chatter was the exile of the current POTUS. The POTUS, VP and President pro tempore fled to Mexico and took refuge in a submarine of unknown nationality. This left a vacuum in the Executive Branch and left our Nation leaderless. The Joint Chiefs of Staff took control, from what I gather, and is currently assisting the remaining states not under rebel control to fill the voids by special elections. Not sure if thats how its supposed to run but I don't really care at this point.

Federal troops have been activated and are currently planning a defensive stance. They are also responding to relief in the form of food and medical needs. News from my home I left was gruesome and we are so glad we left. While the capital did fall, it was completely surround by guard and militia. It did little to capture the city as they couldn't do anything with it. We chuckled for a long time over that one!

Lt still wouldn't give up the nationality(s) of religious sect(s) of the rebellion. But Glenn and I aren't stupid...

July 18 2012
Things have calmed downed immensely! Fire fights are non-existent and people are working back towards a normal routine. We are still heavily fortified and encamped with a platoon of Guard. Glenn and the other ex-military men have been given trainings on all the weapons. They have also been refreshed on the basics and have gone on patrols.

Power has been constant lately and a huge relief as our gasoline supply was getting low for the generators. We'd only run them every two hours for 30 minutes. But over what, 3 weeks, it took a toll on our supply. In the winter it won't be as important to keep the generators running the freezers. But in the summer, with our limited supplies of goods, its been crucial.

We are planning a huge feast July 20 for the Big 12 community and our platoon. We have invited the company Captain and 6 guests of his choosing. We figure to be feeding over 100 people. We are slaughtering 2 hogs and a steer for the feast. We've not had much beef lately and this will be a welcomed change of diet. Sweet corn came early as did the green beans. So yes we will be feasting. Games with prizes for the children are planned as well as some adult type games. We are also having a dance with bonfire after dark. I cannot wait to don my suit that has been tucked away since we left our home. As I've lost 30 pounds, it will fit a bit loosely but I am still excited for the dance.

Still no news about Larry and friends. My heart is saddened not knowing their fate.

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