Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cataclysm - Post 20

July 30 2012
Ok...I was stupid for traveling to Larry's alone. I almost lost my life and put my family in peril. That will never happen again! son is typing for me as my right hand is basically useless and I can't type 1 handed without getting extremely frustrated. It's bad enough I am restricted to the house and 10 acre perimeter.

Doc comes by twice daily to check on my wounds. We are very concerned about infection setting in and have taken every precaution. Pain medicine is short supply and I've not had any today. And I can tell! I can sit for short periods as well as lay. Walking and standing is the most comforting but I am still weak.

The boy, who's name is Tommy, is adjusting to "civilized" living again. He still sleeps outside but spends his awake time indoors whenever possible. He let us cut his hair yesterday and he is a handsome young boy. Those eyes...he truly is gifted. He bathes or washes off every couple of days and is wearing some hand-me-downs. Doc says the boy is in great shape considering his living off the land for months. And talk about an appetite! I swear the boy could eat a steer all by himself. We've not talked about what happened to him being abandoned or his life after. I figure that will come in due time.

Lt. stops by daily to check on my progress. He won't discuss anything with me. I think he feels the stress is too much right now. And I fear he thinks I'll go Lone Ranger again, although that wasn't my intentions at the time. And yes, LR has stuck. And as m son types this, he will forever be known as Tonto!

Traveling in a couple of days, with Doc's permission, to the mill we found. We need to get that working or construct something with the grist stones that will. Harvest time is coming soon and we need to prepare. The crops are looking great and the wheat harvest was a success. About 70% of our predictions but its better than starving.

Hay harvest for the livestock...we forgot all about this! All available fields not producing grains will be used for hay. We are frantically working to get this monumental undertaking planned. No baling as we can't use up the fuel. Guess we'll have to accomplish this task the old fashioned way.

That's all for to eat dinner!

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