Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Fishing Delayed

The weekend fishing trip was a bust. It was too hot Saturday and Sunday for any type of fishing. We were all disappointed as we'd been so busy, this was the first weekend we actually had a scheduled fishing time. Talking with some others that ventured out, they had little to no success. So it was probably a good thing we stayed inside sipping iced tea and enjoying the air conditioning.

The only time we really ventured outside was to grill. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and sweet corn. Talk about some good eating folks, even on a hot day there's nothing like grilled sweet corn. We had some family over Saturday and we spent the day/night playing cards and watching a movie. Sunday we spent the day inside as well. Although we did venture over to the sister-in-law's place. She has a place not far from us and she was cooking lunch. So naturally I didn't want any food to be wasted. lol She made italian sausages with grilled onion/peppers, a pasta salad with homegrown tomatoes/cucumbers and potato chips. I'm gonna tell you something folks, I was actually happy it was so damn hot outside. I ate well this weekend! lol

The only excitement we had was the Uncle and I being bombarded by yellow jackets when we tried fixing one of the windows. Nasty lil buggers those are...those stingers hurt! I got nailed 5 times and he got nailed 3 times. Nothing we put on seemed to take away the sting. We were itching and complaining the whole evening Saturday. So for now the window was left unattended until cooler weather prevails. We may try next weekend killing off the yellow jackets but I'm not real anxious to venture back into battle. And besides, those yellow jackets help keep the fly population down. Kind of a double-edged sword...kill off the attackers or suffer with flies. Hmmmmm....

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